All-Inclusive Packages

The Hackney Warehouse offers two all-inclusive packages for the couple that wants a stress-free wedding day. 

Do-It-Yourself Packages

Looking for a more hands-on approach? No problem? The Hackney Warehouse offers a do-it-yourself package.

Weekday and Custom Packages

Monday weddings are all the rage nowadays! The Hackney Warehouse offers all-inclusive and do-it-yourself packages on weekdays as well as custom packages to suit your needs best.



Showers and Birthday Parties

The Hackney Warehouse offers smaller packages for more intimate events such as baby showers and bridal showers or birthday parties. 

Reunions and Proms

Looking for a way to celebrate a family reunion or high school reunion? Is your school looking for a new place to hold prom? Look no further!

Rehearsal Dinners and Private Events

An alternate location for the rehearsal dinner is a must! The Hackney Warehouse can accommodate your private event at any time of year!



Corporate Parties

Bring your next company gathering outside those work walls. Create an atmosphere of fun for your team to bond over at The Hackney Warehouse. 

Non-Profit Events

The Hackney Warehouse cares about the community. And what that means to you is knowing your non-profit event is in good hands. 

Meetings and Conferences

Need a change of scenery for your next meeting or need more space for a company-wide conference? We know just the place.

11 Railroad Street

Murphy, NC


Tel: 828-837-8376

Mail: P.O. Box 1046

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