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How To Decide On Your Wedding Venue

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

How To Decide on your Wedding Venue

In almost all cases the first thing a newly engaged couple will consider is the venue..

A wedding venue is a super important first decision, and one that should be particularly well thought out and agreed upon by both the bride and groom. Picking out a wedding venue should be such an exciting time for both parties involved, don’t let it stress you out in the slightest!


When thinking of your venue decision it’s good to consider the theme of your wedding, and think about what vibe of venue would match that theme. In most cases there will be more than one venue to match your desired vibe, so options will be there. Don’t waste time looking at venues that don’t fit the description of your theme. For instance, if you want a rustic or boho wedding a warehouse is the perfect venue (especially The Hackney Warehouse 😉). A lot of venues can be made to fit your vision with the right decor, but its good to consider theme when looking around!