Will you be my "White Trash" Bridesmaid? Recipe

I know what you're thinking. "Why in the world would I ask someone to be my "White Trash" bridesmaid?" Because it's funny, that's why.

AND it gives you an excuse to make this super easy and super delicious holiday treat.

While making this treat I had two very special helpers (children) in the kitchen with me and it still only took me about 10-15 minutes (20 with drying time). So you know it has to be relatively easy to make since;

1. I made it without supervision from someone that is more of an adult than me.

2. I made it with the help of two children who are more interested in licking the spoon than actually making the dish!


This sweet treat isn't only for bridesmaids to be. It is the perfect and quick treat for any holiday party OR they make an easy and perfect gift for teachers, clients, etc.


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