Who should join you in the Bridal Suite to get ready?

The people you invite to get ready with you can really make or break your experience so choose wisely! It is a more important decision than one might think! Check out this list to see who makes the cut!

1. Your Bridal Party

All the members of your bridal party should be invited to get ready with you! That's part of the fun of having them in your wedding! This is the perfect time to give your maids their bridesmaids gifts - I mean they're all in the same place and having a great time so why not up the celebration with presents!

2. Hair and Makeup Artist

You will either be getting your hair and makeup done at the salon or in the Bridal Suite. The more stress-free option is to have hair and makeup done in the Bridal Suite to cut out the extra travel.

3. Mother of the Bride

If you are fortunate enough to have your mom join you on your wedding day, you will most definitely want her by your side while you are getting ready. Make sure to take some time out of your day to spend some quiet time with mom. After all, her little girl is getting married today!

4. Photographer

Your photographer will be heavily photographing you getting ready as well as every other part of your day - that is what you have hired them for so embrace it. Be sure to discuss with your photographer ahead of time any must have shots!

5. Optional: Flowergirl(s)

Depending on the age of your flower girl it might be a nice gesture to invite her to join you while getting ready. Make sure to ask her parents where she would feel most comfortable getting ready.

6. Optional: Mother of the Groom

Depending on your relationship with your future spouse's mom, it might be a nice gesture to invite her in on the festivities as well. However, don't be offended if she chooses to get ready on her own and spend time with her own relatives.

Honorable Mention: Wedding Planner!

Your wedding planner will be peeping her head in to check on you every now and again throughout the day. It is also a good idea to familiarize your wedding planner with how your dress bustles so she can help you with it later.

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