Top 7 Essential Registry Categories

From the moment you get engaged to the moment you say "I do", your friends and family will want to shower you with gifts, how exciting right? This is your opportunity to equip your new married life with all the essential items to make your new house a home.

Before you get scanner happy and start scanning every item that catches your eye - take an inventory of what items you already have and group items into your needs and wants. Take a look at the 7 categories below to get an idea of the essentials you'll need for your new home.

1. Linens

Think basic bedding, but don't forget bathroom linens, kitchen essentials, or dining room luxuries.

2. Cookware

Pick a style for your kitchen and run with it - if you are more into a clean, all white look go for the white essentials and keep the neutral look.

3. Kitchen Electronics

You'll be glad you asked for that stand mixer or that coffee maker after that first use. Your life will be so much easier and you'll have great aunt Sheryl to thank.

4. Tabletop

Register for some basic table essentials, but add in some flair to showcase your personality.

5. Entertaining

Love to entertain? List some items that you want to showcase to your company when you have guests.

6. Decor

Your registry can be all about you. List some items that are a little outside the normal registry items - some people like to feel like they're getting you more than just hand towels.

7. Home Electronics

Even if none of your family and friends opt into getting you the flat screen TV you registered for, sometimes the store you registered for it at will give you a discount just for registering for it. Don't count it out just because you think no one will by it for you - remember if you don't ask the answer is always no!

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