Grooms Attire For All

Let's be honest here. The groom's attire is just as important as the dress. A well-fitting tux or suit can make all the difference in those photos looking back. Having your guy look supa fine next to you is what you want, isn't it? Let's take a look at the facts.

1. Traditional Tux

A traditional tux involves more parts of clothing than your everyday two-piece suit. It is significantly fancier than any other option out there. A traditional tuxedo includes: a dress shirt, a jacket, dress pants, accessories, and shoes (ya know, the shiny ones.)

2. White Tuxedo Jacket

A white tuxedo jacket is a nice option if your groom doesn't want to wear all black. Another nice spin is to have your groom wear the white jacket and his groomsmen wear the classic black.

3. Modern Tuxedo

Think fitted jackets and cropped pants! (More for formal events rather than black tie!)

4. Mix and Match

Mix and Match is one color pants with a separate color jacket. You can even up the mixing with having your groomsmen wear suits the same color as the pants and have the only pop of color be the groom's jacket.

5. Plaid Suit

The plaid suit is more for a casual event - think a cocktail type wedding.

6. Light Colored Suit

A suit in a lighter color, such as beige or tan, lightens up the mood of the evening. If your groom is not into the stuffy tux vibe a light-colored suit may be the way to go!

7. Suspenders

For an even more casual look, skip the formal look for a pair of suspenders. The options are endless with the amount of color options!

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