Fergalicious September Wedding

Super excited to share this September wedding feature with you! The pictures from Lahmann Photo Co. are absolutely gorgeous and it was so hard to only pick a few!

Kerrigan Duncan and Bryan Ferguson were married on September 1, 2018, at The Hackney Warehouse in Murphy, North Carolina. Their day was filled with love, laughter, and a few tears. Kerrigan's father passed away unexpectedly a couple of months before the wedding leaving everyone with a heavy heart on such a special day. But Bryan and Kerrigan's family and friends kept the energy alive with their great attitudes and spirits! Kerrigan and Bryan's love was infectious on that September day. You would look at them and just smile because you could just see the love that they shared. Their "First Touch" and prayer was absolutely precious on the Murphy River Walk out beside The Hackney. No one will forget how the energy in the room instantly changed when Fergie's Fergalicious came on! Everybody was on their feet dancing! Later in the night the new Ferguson's were given an engraved brick from the original Hackney Warehouse structure before it was renovated so they could always remember their wedding venue. 

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