7 Ways to Stay Productive and Organized While Planning a Wedding

Staying productive and organized while wedding planning can seem like a whole other task on its own. Here are 7 ways to keep everything in check leading up to the big day.

1. Write Things Down

This may sound like common sense, but I am the world's worst for thinking of something I need to do and then never doing anything with that thought. Talk about being stressed all the time because you constantly feel like you're forgetting to do something! Keep notepads EVERYWHERE! In your car, on your desk, beside your bed. They even make a waterproof notepad for inside the shower!

2. Communicate Clearly

If you don't communicate clearly what you want to people you won't get the desired effect. It's great to be able to ask people to help out, but you need to be able to communicate to them clearly what exactly it is that you are wanting.

3. Delegate

You can't do it all no matter how much you think you can. You need to delegate. Even if it's using the Walmart pick-up to pick-up your groceries so you have more time to plan. (Pro tip: it actually saves money!)

4. Start Early

It is never too early to start wedding planning. You don't have to wait until you're three months out to do a certain task just because all the timelines say to. It's your day and you make the rules.

5. Take Advantage of Pre-Assembled Timelines

That being said, take advantage of those timelines. They can be super helpful. But don't feel like you're bound to them. They are a great starting point, but every wedding is different and has different elements that need to be accounted for.

6. Have a Wedding Planning Binder

Having a binder to keep track of contracts and receipts is going to be a lifesaver! Trust me.

7. Plan to Plan

If you don't plan to plan. You plan to fail. Weddings are work and you cannot just wake up on the day of and everything come together. It takes months of careful planning and coordination to pull these things off! Put in the work now so you can enjoy the day later.

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