7 Ways to Involve Your Fiancè in Wedding Planning

As a common rule, men usually hate wedding planning. But us ladies usually want to involve them in some shape or form. Here are 7 ways to involve your fiancè in wedding planning.

1. Give Him Ownership

Everyone likes to feel like they are in control of the situation. Give your man ownership over a certain aspect of the wedding so he feels like he has a part in the planning process.

2. Give Him Choices

Instead of asking him what he thinks about a certain shade of blue ask him which color he likes best out of three. Don't overwhelm him with options, but make him feel involved by giving him options rather than the entire color wheel.

3. Give Him the Registry Gun

Just give him the gun, ladies. The registry gun that is. My fiancè didn't even know you got wedding gifts so when he found out what a registry was you better believe he was ready to aim and fire. Trust me. They will love it. (Let them loose on Amazon so they don't feel like they're having to go shopping with you!)

4. Don't Shoot Him Down

Okay. If we are being honest, we probably aren't going to use many of their ideas. But don't shoot him down and make him feel like it was a bad idea. The truth is, they genuinely don't know how weddings work and we can't punish them for that.

5. Invite Him Along for Meetings

Invite him along for the cake tasting and meetings with the caterer - at the very least he will enjoy those two things. Who doesn't like free cake?

6. Show Him Photos of Everything

Most guys are visual people and they have no idea what a chivari chair is so you're going to have to show them a picture. Don't get frustrated. Just use it as an opportunity to create a wedding vision board!

7. Give Him a Project

Guys love projects. Give him a DIY project like building an arbor or doing something with his hands. (Disclaimer: Only do this if you trust him with this project and if you don't like it you can tell him in a nice way.)

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