7 Reasons to Have a Sunday Wedding

Of course we all know that the most popular day to get married is a Saturday. We are asking you to challenge that concept for these 7 reasons.

1. Availability

The main reason to have a Sunday wedding? Availability. There's a better chance of your favorite venue having a Sunday available rather than a Saturday. Is the day or date more important than having the perfect venue?

2. Smaller Affair

With a Sunday wedding you can have a smaller event. There is not as much pressure on you to provide a full meal and an evening out. You could do an afternoon wedding and do heavy hor d'ourves instead - which would be cheaper than providing a full meal.

3. Unique Options

The possibilities are endless with a Sunday wedding. Want something different than the typical evening wedding? Sunday weddings are great for treating your friends and family to a spectacular brunch that they will never forget. After all, brunch is always a good idea!

4. More Attendance

More people are inclined to attend an event on Sunday because #SundayFunday right? Having a Sunday wedding minimizes the threat of other events taking place at the same time. Your day needs to be unique to you. You don't want to share it with every other major event in town!

5. Less Formal

Sunday weddings provide a more informal landscape so you and your guests can focus on having a good time and celebrating the love you two share rather than if they have the perfect "formal" outfit. Just relax and have fun!

6. Helpful for Out of Town Guests

Trying to accommodate out-of-town guests? A Sunday wedding helps your out-of-town guests in a tremendous way. Your guests would be able to fly in on Friday night or Saturday and not be in a rush and then fly back Sunday evening or Monday morning. An added touch would be to send your out-of-town guests a list of things to do in the area - list the other events going on in the area on Saturday so they can enjoy a mini vacation as well!

7. More Time to Mingle

Having a Sunday wedding also allows you and your guests to mingle more without as strict of a timeline. Sunday timelines are more chill and relaxed because the "threat" of dinner time isn't looming throughout the night. Brunch or heavy hor d'ourves is a great option and allows a less formal and more "mingle friendly" environment for the day!

Interested in hearing more of our fun ideas? Set-up a tour today to get started!

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