7 Qualities Your Wedding Professionals Should Have

Every brides biggest fear is to hire a "professional" for their wedding day just to realize that they did not live up to your expectations. Follow this guide when picking out your wedding professionals to ensure you are making the right decision!

1. Guides You Through The Planning Process

A wedding professional should help you throughout the planning process from start to finish. You should never have to wonder if that person knows what they are doing. It should be evident in how they speak to you and inform you about their products or services. There's nothing worse than feeling like you're missing something - your wedding professionals should be able to catch what you are missing and remind you to consider those aspects.

2. Friendly

Of course you want to work with friendly people. If you can't see yourself being friends in real life with these people then they shouldn't be anywhere near your wedding. You're creating a relationship with them and first impressions are so important! I like to tell my brides that having a wedding planner is like having a temporary best friend for a year (or however long your engagement is.) This person is there to encourage you and take the stress off of you on your big day - not add to it with their grumpy attitude.

3. Shows Professionalism

Professionalism goes back to what I said in point number two about first impressions. If your wedding "professionals" show no where near the level of professionalism that you would expect on your wedding day when you first meet them - steer clear of them. Because more than likely they will not show professionalism on your big day either.

4. Has Your Best Interest in Mind

Your wedding professionals top priority needs to be your best interest. Not how much money they can make, not what they are getting out of the deal, but you and what you have dreamed for your day. The more interested your wedding professional is in you, the better your wedding day will turn out to be.

5. Has Excellent Listening Skills

Point four leads us into point five. They need to have excellent listening skills. Some people love to tell you what they can do and have done in the past. But to really understand what they can do for you they first have to listen to you and your needs and wants first. Without this knowledge about you, your wedding will end up looking like every other wedding they have done. So pay attention to whether or not they are interested in what you have to say.

6. Dresses Appropriately

Here we are, back at first impressions because they are so important! Absolutely judge a book by its cover when it comes to how they dress. If they can't bother to look appropriate and professional for your first meeting then they probably don't care that much. How are they going to care about your vision and needs when they look like they just rolled out of bed at two in the afternoon?

7. Is a Genuine Person

Lastly, use your instincts to determine if they are a genuine person. Are they somebody that you can trust? Could you see yourself being friends with them? Do they have your best interest in mind? Do they listen to you? All of the above points factor into this one distinction. You are putting your wedding into these people's hands so before you sign on the dotted line ask yourself - are they genuinely interested in making this the best day ever for me?

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