6 Ways to Simplify Your Life While Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is like a second job and not everyone can just take off that whole year that they're engaged to execute the perfect wedding. Here are some simple tips to help keep you sane during the months of wedding planning to come.

1. Keep The Guest List Small

I know it can be tempting to put everyone and their brother on the guest list because you're engaged and you want to share your wedding day with everyone you know (plus the more people the more gifts!) BUT to save yourself some heartache (and some money) I recommend keeping the guest list small. In the long run, you would much rather spend your day with the people that actually care about you rather than people who are only there for the food and booze.

2. Get Help, and Delegate

Don't be that person who tries to do everything yourself because you think you're the only one that can execute the job perfectly. I am sure you have family and friends that want to be involved. Just be sure from the get-go to be clear about what you want for your wedding day.

3. Don't Try and Impress

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is making your wedding day all about other people. If you want a small wedding surrounded by only your family and a few close friends don't have a 500 person wedding with steak and lobster just to impress everyone on social media. I promise you that they don't care. And if they do, then that is their own problem to deal with - not yours. Don't waste money on something you don't really want just because you want to impress a few people.

4. Hire a Planner

A planner can help alleviate some of the stress you are feeling. While they can't make certain decisions for you, they can make it easier to decide on certain things by listing the pros and cons that you may not have thought of. They are also way more experienced than you are in this subject so they can provide you with the tools you need to actually enjoy this process.

5. Book an All-Inclusive Venue

Rather than trying to book all your vendors separately, why not just hit up a one-stop-shop? That would definitely save you some time. You would have one person of contact for a multitude of different vendors. Talk about a time saver! Did I mention that The Hackney is all-inclusive?

6. Stop Asking for Advice.

Here's a big one. If you keep asking everyone for their opinion, they're going to give it to you. And you are more than likely not going to like what they say. So just stop asking. You're wedding is going to be beautiful because it combines the love of you and your fiancè and it is what you both want. So embrace that and stop caring what everyone else thinks.

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