6 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Strong While Planning a Wedding

Wedding planning can be tough on a relationship sometimes. You have to remember the reason for it all and keep that at the center of your thoughts so you don't get carried away with all the planning. Here are 6 tips to keep your relationship strong while planning a wedding.

1. Put Up Boundaries

Boundaries are always good to have in a relationship in general, but especially while planning a wedding. If you're fiancè is not interested in what color linens go on the tables, don't force them to participate in those choices. Instead, allow them to participate in the parts of the planning that do interest them; such as the cake tasting, or picking out the food with the caterer. These might actually turn out to be really fun activities to do together, but don't push them into doing something they don't enjoy.

2. Take Time Off From Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can be extremely stressful and sometimes we can lash out at our significant other when we don't mean to. I suggest taking a break from wedding planning every now and then to refocus and spend time with each other rather than filling your time with flowers and DIY crafts.

3. Don't Aim For Perfection

Perfection is an unattainable feat. Just get that through your head now. Your wedding will not be perfect in every aspect. It may be close, but nothing and no one is completely perfect so go ahead and accept that fact now so you don't set yourself up for disappointment later on down the line.

4. Focus On What Really Counts

In the grand scheme of things, the wedding is not all that important. (I know. I said it.) What's truly important is your marriage to each other. Focusing on that throughout the planning process will help you to stay grounded and in touch with what truly matters.

5. Intentional Date Nights

Keep planning date nights. Don't let those slide by and turn into wedding planning sessions. Set aside intentional time with each other to build your relationship and grow with each other rather than deciding which napkin goes better with the linen choice.

6. Continue to Have Fun

Overall, just remember to have fun. This is a big life step for both of you. Don't let the stress of it all weigh too heavy on you and continue to live life to its fullest. Planning a wedding can be a really stressful time in your life - just don't let it overwhelm you too much!

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