5 Ways to Make Your Cocktail Hour Pop!

Let's be honest - cocktail hour was invented so the Bride and Groom and their families can sneak off and take pictures. If you do not give your guests some sort of activity during this time they may get a little antsy waiting for the couple to return for dinner. Check out these 5 ideas for spicing up your cocktail hour!

1. Popcorn Bar

Let's get this party poppin'!A sure-fire way to get everyone excited for cocktail hour is to give them popcorn - everyone loves popcorn. A cute little set-up and plenty of flavorings will keep your guests' belly's full while they wait on you to get your pictures made.

2. Unique Foods

Wedding guests love to see unique and different food options at weddings. Here are a few ideas to keep them guessing while they're waiting: a smores bar, mini popsicle cocktails, popsicles in general, funnel cakes, cotton candy, etc.

3. Quality Entertainment

Another fun way to spice up your cocktail hour is to include quality entertainment. Some ideas include a mariachi band or a band that emphasizes the couples unique style. A bluegrass band would be another great option depending on the couple's preference.

4. Games

A great way to keep guests entertained and on their feet is to provide them with oversized yard games such as croquet, giant jenga, giant checkers, giant tic-tac-toe, cornhole, etc. This will provide your guests with a memorable experience and give them a chance to interact and get to know each other while waiting for dinner.

5. Signature Cocktails

Signature cocktails are a fun way to provide your guests with a great new drink that gives them insight to the bride and groom's personalities. Make it fun with cute signs and personalized cups to give your guests even more of a sweet treat!

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