5 Ways to Combat Wedding Planning Stress

Wedding planning can get to the best of us. By the time your wedding actually gets here you are just ready for it to be over with. Check out these five tips for combating wedding planning stress!

1. Delegate.

If you have people that want to be involved with your wedding then let them! Accept all the help you can get! By assigning tasks to trusted loved ones, you are relieving yourself of some responsibilities and making them feel needed all at the same time!

2. Stay Organized.

Not being organized can cause major stress when it comes to wedding planning. I personally get made fun of all the time for how organized I am, but it's the reason I am so good at my job! Staying organized will ensure that all of your important wedding details are in one place, and easily accessible and shareable.

3. Choose the Right Vendor Team.

Choosing the right vendor team is a priority when keeping stress levels to a minimum. You need to pick vendors that you genuinely trust and people who have a real interest in creating your dream day. By choosing "the dream team", you'll be able to relax and trust that everything is running smoothly and you can actually enjoy your big day.

4. Hire a Wedding Planner.

Hire a wedding planner or at the very least a day-of coordinator to help you throughout the planning process. Wedding planners and day-of coordinators are invaluable in my opinion - and not just because I am one. There are so many brides that come to me and say "I don't even know where to start!" Wedding planning can be so overwhelming if you have never done it before. You wouldn't cut your own hair so why plan your own wedding? Hire the professional.

5. Remember the "Why".

When things start to get stressful, remember to step back and remember why you are planning a wedding in the first place. You have found the love of your life - go on a date and take a moment to focus on the bigger picture.

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