4 Things to Look for in Every Wedding Vendor

Picking out wedding vendors can seem like an endless battle. It can honestly feel completely overwhelming and make you want to give up wedding planning altogether. So how do you go about choosing the perfect vendors for your special day? These are the four essentials when picking out wedding vendors.

1. Price

Price is the most important factor when looking into wedding vendors. You need to create a budget first before falling in love with a particular vendor who may be out of your price range. It is just like with the dress - if you can't afford it you probably do not need to be trying it on. While some vendors may list their pricing online, you may have to reach out to some of the vendors your interested in to get their pricing.

2. Reviews

Hiring a wedding vendor is a lot like hiring a new employee for a company. You need to treat the process like an interview process. Just like with a new employee, you want to check your wedding vendors references. It is a good idea to check out their online reviews and testimonials - but beware of the reviews that seem out of place. (These are the bad reviews that are surrounded by hundreds of great reviews. Some people just love to be negative!)

3. Availability

If a vendor is not available on your wedding day that is a huge deal breaker. Most of the time you will have to reach out to a vendor to check their availability. While it can be disappointing to find out a certain vendor is not available for your wedding day, think of it as an easy way to narrow down your choices!

4. Responsiveness

You want to make sure that your wedding pro gets back to you in a timeline fashion. You can tell a lot about a vendor's responsiveness by their reply to your initial outreach. Do they get back to you in a timely fashion? Does their email or voicemail have an auto-reply letting you know when you can expect to hear back? Remember, if you contact a vendor over the weekend they're likely working an event, so you shouldn't expect a response until the next business day. Pay attention to how a vendor responds - are they personable and friendly? Do they answer your questions fully and completely? It is important to actually like your vendors!

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