10 Terrific Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Wedding Expo Experience

Wedding expos are a fun way to get into the wedding planner mood and jumpstart the wedding planning process as well as meet some amazing vendors in your local area. Check out these 10 tips to make the most out or your wedding expo experience.

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1. Create a Wedding Email Address.

A wedding email address will help you keep track of all wedding related emails without cluttering up your regular email inbox.

2. Bring Your Groom.

Most grooms feel left out during the whole planning process. Involve them by letting them meet and pick out vendors along side you!

3. Bring Your Bride Tribe.

Everything is more fun when you get the bride tribe together. But make sure that everyone knows the expectations for the day and what the end result is. Most importantly though, have fun with your girlfriends on this fun-filled day!

4. Bring Labels.

Brings labels. I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out. A majority of the vendors will be having giveaways and the easiest thing to do will be to have pre-printed labels with your name, phone number, email address, and wedding date.

5. Take Good Notes and Pictures.

Wedding expos can be a great wealth of wedding information, but it can be overwhelming at first. Make sure you take good notes and pictures so you can remember everything you learned from that day.

6. Enter to Win!

You know those pre-printed labels you brought with you? Now's your chance to use them to your advantage! Enter all them giveaways! It's like a box of chocolates - ya never know what you might get!

7. Have a Budget in Mind for Each Vendor Before You Go.

Don't just go with nothing prepared. You will just leave frustrated. Make sure to have a general budget in mind and then try to break it down into vendor types so when asked the inevitable question of "do you have a budget in mind?" you have an answer to give.

8. Follow Up with Vendors You Are Interested In.

If you are interested in a vendor, make sure to call or email them as soon as possible and set-up a meeting or tour. Once you make your final decision make sure to put down a deposit and sign a contract so you can nail down your preferred date before someone else snatches up your favorite vendor!

9. Respond to Emails/Phone Calls from Vendors You're Not Interested In.

I know it's hard to tell someone you're not interested in them, but it is always better to tell someone the truth rather than waste their time. So do the vendors that didn't make the cut a favor and if they've reached out to you repeatedly, let them know you found a different vendor that met your needs so everyone can move on.

10. Have Fun!

My most important tip is to have fun! Wedding expos and bridal shows are the perfect place to get in the wedding spirit and get some planning out of the way! So get the crew together and head on over to your nearest one!

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